Exercises Page

As announced in the last post, the exercises page is now ready and has been added to the Premium menu. The Pong Audio forum has subsequently been removed from the Community page.

I expect this feature will take some getting used to, since the idea is to get you from passively studying to actively studying by actually submitting your own input. The questions given for you to answer have purposely been given as audio only. If you’re not sure what a question means, write a text message saying which part you didn’t understand and a teacher will gladly reply.

Each question is a separate entity as we don’t expect you to be able to answer all the questions (not initially anyway). For each question you do answer, the teacher’s feedback will appear below the question after she has had a chance to review your answer. Don’t forget as well that you can answer by recording your voice using the tools on the left side of the page, or by submitting your answer as text (pinyin, simplified, traditional or english if you need more help).

Like the other features on the site, the more you use it and the more input you give me, the more I can improve it, so keep the feedback coming!

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