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In preparation for the return of PDF transcripts to the Premium section, I have added an option for you to select what exactly you would like delivered to you in your Premium feed. The Premium feed currently features 3 different categories – the dialogue summary, the slow dialogue summary with pause for repeating after the speaker, and the podcast review. By visiting the new feed options page, you can select which of the above you want delivered to you in your feed. If you are happy receiving all of the content, then no changes are necessary.

Later, when different PDFs options are available, you will also be able to choose which versions of the PDFs you would like included as well.

If you do make any changes, it may take some time for your old feed to update, so do be patient. As always, if you have any technical issues, please let me know.

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  1. This will be a nice addition! I’m looking forward to having the separate feeds for review, particularly as the material continues to get harder. I’m assuming you will eventually provide a link off of the main menu or within ‘Premium Feed’ to this feed options page? Thanks for putting this together.

  2. Hi Bryan.

    Since most users should only need to set up this feed options once, I decided not to put a direct link to it from the main page, in order to just have the most used links there. Instead, on the premium feed page (, when you click on the “subscribe to the premium feed” banner on the right, the Feed options link is mentioned in the set up instructions. The whole idea here is that once it is set up the way you want it, you shouldn’t have to return to that page since the content you want should automatically be delivered to you.

    These additions are a direct result of users telling me how they use the material and what would make it easier for them, so please continue to provide me feedback on any ideas you may have to make the content easier for you to access.

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