CLO Translated…

You may notice the addition of a new feature on the site – the set of 14 flags on the top of the right sidebar.  As this site seems to be getting an international following with many reviews in non English languages, I thought it may be appropriate to involve some translation aspects into the site.  By clicking on one of the flags you can get a translation into one of these languages.  Since it’s a machine translation, don’t expect it to be perfect, but I thought there may still be some benefit.  Once you click on a flag, the site will continue to be displayed in the translated language until you click back to the English (American) flag.
For the rest of you, you may notice there is also a Chinese flag there which displays the site content in Simplified Chinese characters.   You can try that out for an extra challenge.

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  1. Great! Your site, blog and podcast are very interesting.
    This is from Italy and I found “some” problems in the Italian translation… of course.
    But your commitment is great, anyway.
    Good luck.

    P.S. I added a link to your site in our blog.

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