CLO iPhone / iPod Touch Version 1.21

Version 1.21 of our CLO app is now available for download. Changes include a couple of bug fixes:
– The audio now plays even when your device goes to sleep.
– Couple of MP3s from lesson 31 were not playing before. This should now be fixed.

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  1. Hello!
    I’m Yen and I’m from Taiwan. I’m always interested in learning languages, and I got great help from a internet learning program (TTMIK) when I was learning Korean. Out of curiosity, I search for similar programs teaching Chinese on the internet, and I found you guys. This may be a naive question, but do you have plan for hiring new crew members? And are there any requirements for being your crew?
    I’m a graduate student now, majoring in biology. As I mentioned I love learning languages and if one day I can live on teaching, it’ll be fantastic. Beside my Mandarin and English, I know a little bit Korean and Japanese. Although I’ve never learned how to teach Chinese formally, after my graduation I can go to some training to make up my weakness. If it’s possible, can you reply me to my e-mail account?
    Anyway, thank you for making the Chinese learning easier and more accessible to the world!

    Best regards,

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