Character Game

I’m happy to announce a simple game to test your knowledge of individual characters. Listen to the character being pronounced and choose it from a list of 30 or so characters on screen. You are given a score based on how long it takes you to answer it. Incorrect answers are penalized so choose wisely!

A progress screen shows you your high score for each game you have attempted (arranged by lesson number) and compares it other users who have also tried it. You can try out the game here. Enjoy!

3 Responses to “Character Game”

  1. Hi, great new game. One little criticism: There are sometimes words with the same pinyin, like 他 and 她. It shouldn’t matter which one you choose, but the systems only accepts one solution. So you could either ensure that there are no similar words in a game or allow all possible solutions.

  2. I’ve fixed the bug with multiple characters with the same pinyin and have now added the game to the main menu. The game has also been added to the links found in the vocabulary page for lessons that qualify.

    Non logged in users can also try out the first lesson’s game. Let me know if you have any other suggestions.

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