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As announced earlier, I have now updated the pricing page with new options for our subscribers. Once upon a time, we offered online, offline and one on one plans that were all recurring. The one on one plan was then replaced with a one time payment option that offered more flexibility by letting you just purchase the time you needed, until it ran out. Well I’m happy to say that the offline recurring plan has now been replaced with a level download plan that is also a one time download. Each level has been reduced to 4 zip files that together contain hundreds of PDFs and review audio files for all the lessons in that level. The individual levels are priced at $19.95 USD each.

Note that these level downloads are also optional purchases for existing premium subscribers. While online subscribers can still download individual PDF and audio files for each lessons, the convenience of downloading them all together will be a separate option. As older lessons are updated, the relevant PDF files and audio files for them will also be updated. You can see the sizes and latest update dates in the level download chart on the bottom of this page. Users who purchase level download access, will have access to the directory for 30 days from purchase in order to take advantage of any updates that may occur in the near future. Enjoy!

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  1. Anthony Blum

    Hi, I’m confused as to the download service. I haven’t been using the site too much lately (b/c of time constraints), so I feel like I am paying for the service but not taking advantage of it. Would this new service be an option for me. All I’ve been doing lately is listening to the lesson while reading the pinyin transcript (and scrolling over for words I’ve forgotten). Then I review the vocab, do the sentence builder, read the notes (if any), complete the premium podcast (if any), and watch the video (if any). If I canceled my plan (3 month recurring) and just bought level 4 (since I’m only about 10 or so lessons into it), would this be a viable option? What that I use now wouldn’t I have access to (sentence builder)? Or maybe I’ll just wait it out and by a longer package (to save money) since I think my schedule will open up more starting in a few months. Thanks.

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