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As we are approaching the magic 100 lesson mark I’ve decided that the feed is becoming too big and it’s not practical to have all the old lessons available for download on the main podcast feed.  Add to that the font problems associated with the feed version of the lessons.  So I’ve decided to make older lessons available for bulk download.  The advantage to downloading them this way is that those wanting to play lessons on iPODs will be able to view transcripts on their screen without the font and screen switching problems that occur with the regular podcast versions.

Premium subscribers can also download all the dialogue only and podcast reviews for older lessons in bulk zipped up format.  You can find all this goodness here.

I have also reorganized the drop down menus so Flashcard and Word Bank now appear under the Premium content tab.  The above Bulk Downloads link is now under the Resources tab.  Enjoy!

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  1. Adam, this is excellent news! I wish you had told me two weeks ago before I went through right clicking and downloading all the MP3 files from the site 🙂 Not to worry, this is a great addition to and excellent product and suits my study patterns. Thanks very much

  2. Hi Adam,

    Are you able to do something similar with all the vocabulary, transcript, notes, hints and tips for the lessons? I’m trying to catch up but I’m still a long way behind. mainly just finding the time. However, if the flash card is correct, I’m still learning so much and getting better all the time. It would be useful for me to have all the text content too for when I go home each day. I no longer have internet access from home so a copy of all the content for offline learning would be really useful as well.

    Also, a suggestion, on the earlier non premium audio files where you have the additional information about the website etc you could insert markers (like chapters) in the files so that it is easy for the listener to click the forward button to bypass it and go straight to the dialogue. Not 100% sure how this is done but I’ve seen this done on other podcasts.

    Keep up the great service.

  3. Hi Owen,

    I’ll see what I can come up with as far as offering all the notes for download goes. Others have also requested this so I’m sure I’ll be able to come up with something eventually.

    As far as “catching up” with lessons go, I’ve tried to make the lessons non-time centric. So I won’t be doing Chinese New Year lessons during Chinese New Year’s or Christmas lessons during Christmas etc. (some supplementary material was issued for the former). The idea is that you should be able to work at your own pace without having to worry about missing anything “current” in newer lessons.

    From level 2 on, I’ve tried to make the intros much more shorter and to the point. Any “sales pitch” material is usually left to the conclusion so hopefully that helps.

    I really appreciate this kind of feedback and ideas since the whole course has been built up from your suggestions, so keep them coming. I get these wild ideas at times and I need user feedback like this to steer me straight. 🙂

  4. The main thing was so I can study the materials offline, like when travelling or in remote locations. I have downloaded many of the pages and re-linked the index of lessons (too much work). It would work much better however if it was possible to have a prebuilt download and would be more accessible for other users too. I have a few ideas how this could be done if you want to discuss this further.

  5. Hi Owen,

    I’m definitely interested in what ideas you have. Please get in touch with me using the Contact Us form. I was thinking of creating PDF versions of the notes on the site and having them in the downloads section, but if you have a different idea I’m all ears!

  6. Hello All…

    Just would like to add to Owen’s request of having the notes/transcripts/materials for offline study would be really nice. Although I can spend a lot of time on line, but reading the screen for too long really makes me look like a panda!

    So having materials that I can read off-line (with the Chinese character in the dialogue part) would be such a great help.

    Thank you.

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