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Certificates in Teaching Chinese

Introduce yourself along with any hobbies or interests you have
🍀Having Chinese lessons with Teacher Alice,could get the best way to learn!
🌟Welcome to order class time by message as well🌟
🤗Why choose Alice!
❣️The first step in learning a language is to meet a patient teacher to grow up with you in addition to being open.
❣️Rich teaching experience, students from children to adults have been exposed, can discuss learning goals with you in the first class, and belong to your customized curriculum!
🌟Studying for Education,Graduation from Master degree,7+yrs experience of teaching.
☀️Make the Chinese for life,even for professional,then to the International.
☀️Speaking English for lessons,make u understand more about Chinese.

👉Never too late,no age limit. If wanna learn Chinese,let's just start!
🔥Topic and image for momery
👍Topic for each lessons
👍Step by Step for learning, but if wanna improve more about Chinese will aslo push.
👓Preview ,review & homework(Depends on what topic we learn from lesson.)
👓Check the HW each time,learning from errors.
✨Check the books together,suitable for your level,make learning more efficiency.
✨Chinese could be down to earth,also plus when you are in the wotk.
✨Know one more language,know one more new world,through the Chinese understand the Asia culture better!

⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️Course Introduction⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐
🌳Just ready to start Chinese Course🌳
🔥 Match : Zero basic, but would like to start learning Chinese🔥
✔️Create a native Chinese environment, with English assistance when necessary, so that speaking Chinese is no longer far away🤩
✔️Provide customized courses to learn new languages ​​at the most suitable pace

🌳Beginner Hanyu Pinyin🌳
🔥Match :Would like to know Pinyin and hope can use Pinyin to spell out Chinese tones🔥
✔️Once learn Pinyin,say Chinese become so easy
✔️Let Pinyin and Chinese be integrated into life, then impress on what you learned

🌳Advanced Chinese Pinyin--->Pinyin Certificate Test🌳
🔥Match : Need pinyin as a tool or test EX:漢語水平考試HSK、教師語文能力評核LPAT、普通話水平測試PSC,etc...🔥

🌳Chinese License Examination🌳
🔥Match : Chinese listening, speaking, reading and writing related exams EX : 華語文能力測驗(TOCFL)、全民中檢(CWT),etc...🔥
✔️Can provide relevant archaeological questions to familiarize yourself with the exam
✔️Teach exam skills
✔️Formulas and systematic teaching materials make it easy for you to review at home

🔑Interview、Business courses🔑
🔥Match : Need to use Chinese to communicate at work, or need to participate in a Chinese interview with a foreign company🔥
✔️Could provide practical sentences to extend, and the questions asked by the interviewer can be answered easily!
✔️Share experience
✔️Let you know one more language and one more advantage than others at work or interview!

🌍Tourism Course🌍
🔥Match : Plan to travel around🔥
✔️Chinese knows no borders, understand a new world through Chinese
✔️Learn new culture through Chinese
✔️Common travel conversation

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