Level 1 Introduction

Welcome to CLO level 1.

Before we get started, I want to see if you can actually speak any Chinese. If you have a webcam attached to your computer, then click on the “Record Video” button below to activate it. Click on the “Allow” button to give this page permission to access your webcam this one time.

Note this function requires Adobe Flash and so only works on PC / Mac laptops and desktops. It won’t work on mobile devices and tablets.



Your browser doesn't support Adobe Flash, sorry...

If your webcam is working, and your face / hair looks great, then do the following:

1. Click on the Record button.

2. Tell us the following (in Chinese). If there is any of this that you don’t know how to do, then just do it in English. The idea is to compare where you are now, to what you’ll be able to do after completing the first 10 lessons.

a. Hello!

b. My name is _____

c. I am [nationality]

d. Count to 10

e. My birthday is on _____.

3. Click on Stop.

4. Review the video. You can retake it if you would like. When you’re happy with the final format, then click the Submit button to send it to us.

5. Later when you finish level 1, come back to this page to retake the same video. Hopefully there will be some improvement!

Note that by submitting this video to us, you give us permission to post the videos (before and after) on our site, to motivate other students to follow your lead. Your video will not be posted or shared outside this website. Your identity will not be associated with the video.