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After reading this guide, you will know the basics of how learning Chinese works and what approach you should take for your own needs. We then have a special offer just for you.

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Here’s how it works -

CLO is an online course (or mobile app) made up of audio lessons:

Listen to the daily lesson (10 to 15 mins). You can do so while on the go. While there are 60 lessons in the first level, you only need do do the first 12 lessons to get to your first 100 words.

Do the exercises that follow, testing your understanding of the material. These can include flashcards, quizzes and other exercises that test different aspects of Chinese. Pick and choose which ones you want to do. You can do so from a computer or your mobile phone.

Each lesson continues where the previous one left off. As you learn new words they are used in future lessons.

You’ll start off with simple words, then sentences, then full conversations, all using vocabulary you learned in earlier lessons. So you’re constantly practicing what you’ve learned.

I'm ready to learn my first 100 words

What can you learn with 100 words?

Basic greetings and expressions

How to introduce yourself and where you’re from

How to count to 9999

How to shop like a champ and even ask for a discount

Here are some common questions people have :

1. What skills (listening, speaking, reading, writing, typing) do you teach?

The main focus in this course is listening. However, there is also material and exercises to learn and practice reading, writing and typing. Pick and choose what skills you want to focus on and learn those. Practice what you learn in this course with Chinese speakers in your local area. Get ready for compliments!

2. Where are the speakers in your course from?

The speakers we use are Taiwanese. We chose them for their clear accent, which makes it easy to learn the tones. While there are regional variations of Mandarin Chinese in different parts of the world (just like there is with English), what you learn here can be used to communicate with Mandarin speakers around the world.

3. Do you use simplified or traditional characters in your course?

Both! Pick the character set you want – traditional (Taiwan) or simplified (China). All the Chinese content will then be provided to you in your selected format.

4. I want to learn Chinese, but I don’t want to learn characters. Is that possible?

Yes! Select pinyin as your character set and you don’t have to look at a single character throughout the course. If you later decide you do want to learn characters, you can always redo your lessons using your selected character set.

5. Do you have a mobile app version of your course?

Yes. Purchasing the above course gives you access to the first 60 lessons of the mobile app version (iOS or Android), so you can learn on the go.

Note that the website version of our course features more exercises and content than the mobile app version.

6. How does your guarantee work?

If at any time during your learning, you are unsatisfied with any aspect of the course, send us an email and we’ll send you a full refund.

7. What happens after I complete my first 100 words and want to learn more?

You will actually learn 100 words in your first 12 lessons, which most people complete in about a month.

You can purchase further time on the full course, featuring 420 lessons, split across 7 levels of difficulty, for only $19.95 USD per month.

You can achieve greater savings by signing up for 3 months or a year.

I'm ready to learn my first 100 words

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