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Why is Chinese so hard to learn?

7 Solutions to make learning Chinese a breeze for you!

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“Hello? Knee-how? Nee-hao? Ni-Hau?”

Mandarin is considered to be...

The hardest language for native English speakers to learn.

It sounds very different from English and the characters don’t look anything at all like English!

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Before you start investing your precious time and money on a course, read the free PDF guide: Why is Chinese so hard to learn? 7 solutions to make learning Chinese a breeze for you!

In it you will find answers to the following:

What makes Chinese so much more difficult to learn for English learners?

What are the key challenges for beginners and how to overcome these before you even begin.

What should you look for in a Chinese course?

What shortcuts to take to dramatically decrease the time needed to learn key aspects of Mandarin.

How to make sure you remember what you actually learn.

How to avoid the biggest mistakes that westerners make when they try to learn Chinese.

Already learned some Chinese?

If you’ve already learned some Chinese in the past but haven’t been satisfied with your progress, then read the guide to find out:

How do I get past my wall in learning Mandarin Chinese?

How can I sound more like a native Mandarin speaker compared to other learners?

This 16 page PDF guide is a short, but useful read for you whether you:

Are brand new to learning Mandarin Chinese

Learned in the past but not satisfied with progress

Have a beginner grasp and are ready for the next level

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