Mandarin Chinese just got a whole lot easier to learn.

Learn Chinese without having to Learn Chinese

Chinese Track is a progressive, audio course that spans 7 levels of difficulty. Beginning lessons are conducted entirely in English. As we teach you new words in Chinese, that vocabulary is reused in later lessons. This way you’re automatically reviewing important words and concepts without even trying.

Learn Chinese when you don’t have time

You’re busy. What if you didn’t have to set aside time for classes? What if you could learn on the go? Listen to the Chinese Track lessons on your smartphone, during your commute, while you’re at the gym or while doing housework. Repeat what you hear, and marvel at your progress!

Learn Chinese just the way you want to learn

Want to focus just on listening? Then listen to the lessons in the background of what you’re already doing. Are you more of a visual learner? Then follow along with the transcripts. Want to learn characters? Take your pick of traditional or simplified and turn this into a reading course. Whatever your learning style or approach is, we’ve got you covered!

Learn Chinese without
spending a lot of money

Traditional course and tutors cost a boat load of money. Chinese Track subscriptions start at just $19.95 USD. For the cost of a dinner, you could get an entire month of learning. Sign up for a year and save even more!

Don’t take our word for it.

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